Thursday, January 10, 2008

Odd-Man Rushes and End Boards

That's just an inefficient but hockey-tinged way of saying odds 'n' ends.

Ricky looked tired competing in that shootout the other night in Vancouver. You can't blame him. Cross-continent travel, back-to-back road games, overtime in three out of the last four, throwing himself in front of countless (okay, 45), unfettered shots all night...not to mention running back and forth to change his pads all the time. I'm tired just writing it.

My hopes for a shootout victory against the Canucks were dashed the instant I saw Trent Hunter lumbering down the ice toward Roberto Luongo at 2 mph.

Another acknowledgment for Ted Nolan, this time by way of Slap Shot. In his Half Season Awards, Lew Serviss gives Nolan the nod as Best Coach. In the comments for this same blog entry, we get this gem from poster Stacey Ross about Matt Niskanen: "When a rookie can come in and not only fill a full-time shift with a potential Hall-of-famer in Zubov, but actually help Zubov be a better Zubov, you got yourself an amazing rookie right there." I'd like to be a better Zubov. Wouldn't you? This would be such a better world if we were all better Zubovs. I love when a little phrase makes me laugh. But the real question is, can Niskanen help make the better babka?

Thanks to Corey Witt, Chris Botta, and the Islanders for continuing to plug the Blog Box on the official site. I appreciate the support.

Greg Logan has launched the titular opposite of this blog with Islanders Insider, now appearing weekly in the online edition of Newsday. Logan unleashes Islanders Insider with a midseason evaluation of the Islanders, which presents a fair and accurate look at what ails the team and how it may overcome its shortcomings in the second half. You can hand in your own grades for the Islanders by answering this Newsday poll.

Update: Charles Wang gets less crazy every week. You certainly can't accuse the Caps of lacking commitment to their franchise player. Let the future cap issues discussion begin. Still, I think it's good for the league when its marquee players maintain an identity with a team.


7th Woman said...

I can't wait for this road trip to be over! I'm sure everyone is just plain tired, especially us blearly eyed fans. Logan's newest addition just added another five hours to his work week, and it certainly is nice for Corey Witt to keep us informed of how their frequent flyer miles are racking up!.... and tomorrow is another game.

Outsider said...

At least the last late game of the trip is on a Friday!