Friday, May 9, 2008

The Islanders in Prime Time

Due to recent events, there has been even more discussion than usual about the marketing of the Islanders and the team's presence in the media. While there is still much work to be done in those areas, I'm happy to report a spike in Islander presence in an unusual place (if you can call two instances a spike). Twice in the last couple of months, characters on network comedies airing in prime time sported Islanders sweaters. Here is your visual evidence:

Parker Posey dons a Brenday Witt jersey in the Fox comedy The Return of Jezebel James

Dean Winters as Dennis Duffy in NBC's 30 Rock

While I don't know who is responsible for these occurrences, I tend to doubt that the organization itself was behind such product placement. More likely, it was a well-placed fan on the writing staff who deftly incorporated the blue and orange into the script.

There are some unfortunate aspects of these Islanders merch appearances. Fox cancelled The Return of Jezebel James after only three episodes. However, as of today, you can still view the episodes on The image above is from Episode 2. The scene begins at the 12:40 mark and Parker Posey wears the jersey for the entirety of the scene, which lasts about 4:45.

As for 30 Rock, the Islanders fan character, Dennis Duffy, is variously despicable, low brow, and a knucklehead. I'm sure that on closer examination he has redeeming qualities, too, but overall it's difficult to be proud of him as being representative of Islanders fans. But it is a funny show and the exposure itself is fun as well. You can view this episode here on Select Episode 215 ("Cooter") and find the scene that begins at the 10:43 mark.

By the way, Dennis was revealed to be an Islanders fan in an earlier episode, as discussed on the HF Boards. The dialogue in that episode associates the Islanders with frequent losing. And Dennis is portrayed as a loser.

Hmph. On second thought, maybe the hockeyphile writer on the 30 Rock staff isn't an Islanders fan.

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Islesguy said...

Hey there!
Josh with the Islanders Communications staff here...
Sorry for the late response on this post, but I wanted to let you know that the recent surge in product placement you have seen is in fact not a coincidence.

We have been working very hard for the past year to get the Islanders out there in every way we can.
You mention the Parkey Posey Brendan Witt jersey on Fox TV. We also set up placement in an upcoming movie called "She's Out of My League" where our jerseys will appear in a scene.

Also, look for a retro Islanders jersey in many scenes on a fall NBC show called "Life".

In addition, the Islanders will be involved in the "Dr. Phil" show this fall with some great product placement.

Lets also not forget that the show "Extra" did a nice segment on Christie Brinkley shooting a commercial for us.

These things were all set up by the Islanders with great help from or friends at the NHL.

Not trying to toot our own horn here, but just wanted to clarify from your post.



(if anyone has any questions, or any more great opportunities to get the Islanders more pub, feel free to email me at