Saturday, July 12, 2008

NYI Top 10 Individual Seasons

Just one (for now) comment (okay, correction) on this latest list put out by the Islanders on their Web site.

At No. 8 we have Brent Sutter with 42 goals and 60 assists for an impressive 102 points. According to the article, "Sutter led the team in assists in the 84-85 season, and was just six goals off Bossy’s team leading 48 scores."

Mike Bossy never totaled 48 goals in an NHL season. He broke 50 in each of his first nine seasons, a feat still unmatched by any other player. During the season in question, 1984-85, Bossy actually tallied 58 goals, or 16 more than Sutter. It was only during Bossy's injury shortened tenth and final season that he failed to crack the 50 mark, settling for 38 goals in 63 games.

This message brought to you by the
Coalition to Protect the Legacy of Mike Bossy, est. July 12, 2008.


Looking for Atlanta article said...

This is off topic but it makes me crack up. A fan from NY has a very good memory of an Atlanta reporter who decided to call the Islanders "turds" because of the uni's. Turns out that someone decided to get revenge by going back to his newspaper's blog so many months later and has been driving him crazy with posts lately. Does anyone remember him writing these stories? I was told they were all over the boards here but I can't find anything.

Isles4ever said...

If anyone can post the reporter's name I would like to see that too.

Islanders Outsider said...

Craig Custance used to be the Thrashers beat reporter/blogger for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but he recently moved on to Mike Knobler now covers the Thrashers beat and writes the blog for the AJC.

I did find evidence of a comment on one of Custance's blog entries, but nothing from Custance himself, which really would have surprised me anyway.