Friday, December 26, 2008

DiPietro Back in Business

I'm a little surprised at the way the Islanders are handling the return of Rick DiPietro. You'd figure they would give fans ample notice and use the occasion to draw a big crowd. Instead, we learn of his readiness 90 minutes before a rare Friday night home game during a school vacation/holiday weekend. Perhaps the organization felt that DiPietro's status has received too much focus and it was best to run him out there as soon as he was declared fit. Nothing to see here, just hockey. I don't necessarily disagree with this approach—I'm just surprised. And, yes, I know I said we wouldn't see him again until '09. Close, damn close. But, more importantly, it will be good to see a healthy DiPietro back between the pipes.


Going Five Hole said...

the Isles sure know how to not create a buzz. That would have been a nice lead up for the game letting fans know DP was returning last night.

Islanders Outsider said...

This is only speculation but I get the feeling they really didn't want to create buzz around this.