Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bill Guerin Traded to Pittsburgh for Conditional Draft Pick; Snow Speaks to Media [Update]

According to TSN, the Islanders have traded Bill Guerin to the Pittsburgh Penguins for a conditional draft pick.

Stu Hackel in the Times reports that it's a 5th-round pick, which becomes a 4th rounder if the Pens make the playoffs, and a 3rd rounder if they advance to the second round.

Greg Logan and Chris Botta add that the 3rd rounder is also conditional on Guerin playing in 50 percent of the games (presumably the first-round playoff games).

Jon Sim assigned to Bridgeport, Nate Thompson activated—ouch. That's a hard one to swallow (other than the obvious youth-focus aspect of the move). I really feel for Sim in this situation.


Hockeyfan3394 said...

Who do you think is going to be the next captain? I heard that Scott Gordon held a meeting with "4 young players" and said that one of them is going to be the captain.

My guesses are Okposo and Gervais, but I would choose Witt, Weight, or Sillinger (all of which have already been captains)

Anonymous said...

im glad that bill guerin got traded to pittsburgh so he has a chance to get in the playoffs. I think that getting rid of the vets is a bad move the young ones need some one to help them out and it looked like that bil got a raw deal who is next hunter, park, how about any one else that can help lets have a total fire sale. thn we can move to the minors where we belong

Islanders Outsider said...

I think the next captain will be one of Witt, Hunter, or Park. Gordon wasn't necessarily referring to the captaincy by itself with the young players, but any of three leadership positions (1 C, 2 As)--or five leadership positions if they swap As home and road. I wouldn't give any of them the C yet, and maybe only one or two of them an A. A lot also depends on whether Weight is back next year.

I'm also glad that Billy gets to play with Malkin, Crosby, and Gonchar, and be in a playoff race. The young guys will have enough veteran leadership to help them along next year.

J said...

who ever believes Gervais or Okposo should be a captain is an idiot they are completely way to young and do not have the experience. Plus Gervais isn't even that good, honestly he pisses me off more than he pleases me. A smart captain choice would be Weight with Witt and a younger player as assistant captains. Does any one else think a conditional 5th round draft pick for Bill Guerin is a bit ridiculous? The guy is worth a bit more than that..