Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The NHL Protects Its Players

Dear Sidney Crosby,

We are pleased to inform you that can proceed with the 2009-10 NHL season with a clear head: Pascal Morency has been suspended. You can look forward to October 3rd's contest against the New York Islanders without fear. Morency and his antics have been taken care of. You and the rest of your NHL colleagues can go about your business. We have you covered.

Best wishes for a smashing season,
The NHL Head of Discipline

To be fair, the rule by which Morency was suspended for a total of ten games does aim to protect players. But it also protects the league's image (whatever that is). But all you need to know is that Kyle Okposo had several cuts on his face and minor swelling. Dion Phaneuf caused those injuries to the head with a textbook (read:rulebook) charge. Phaneuf has been cleared of wrongdoing and faces no discipline. So, Sid, you and your brethren are not as protected as you think. And it's absurd.

Hoping for some amped up coverage of the Isles in The Daily News this year? Well, that particular news organization could teach another news organization a thing or two about how to redesign a Web site. You can actually still read The Daily News online. But here's what you can't do: go to the Islanders page. Because there isn't one. Here's the nav bar on the Sports home page:

And try to find an article on the Islanders on the Hockey home page. The only reference currently there is to Mark Feinsand's wonderful column from the Summary Essay Series about growing up an Isles fan and taking his son to his first game. Otherwise, you wouldn't know there are two other hockey teams about to begin their seasons.

Speaking of Newsday, nice to see Greg Logan's name pop up in the byline of some Jets articles over the past several days. It was disappointing to find out that Greg's exit from the Islanders beat was not by his own wishes. I hope he is finding his new assignments to be satisfying, but he will be missed at the Coliseum and On the Islanders Beat.


MSG+ will carry tomorrow night's preseason home game against the Devils. No word on whether the Calgary radio guys will be doing the broadcast.

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