Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Islanders Milking It (Updated)

Warning: This will not go down as one of the more insightful posts in the history of Islanders Outsider. Anyway...

Those of you who have been reading here for a while know that I like to point out sightings of Islanders presence near the places that I work and live (i.e., not Long Island).

This morning, as I was approaching my office building in midtown Manhattan, I noticed a Tuscan Brand dairy truck parked on a street corner. There was nothing particularly unusual about the white truck with the red Tuscan lettering on the side—except that affixed to each side of the truck, near the cab, was a placard that immediately caught my eye.

The matching placards featured an Islanders logo with the words OFFICIAL PARTNER below it. Is this one of those things that I'm just not aware of due to spending limited time on the Island? Are Islanders-branded dairy trucks a common sight east of the RFK Triboro Bridge (I'll take both names, thank you)? Are there other vehicles roaming the LIE with official partner designations?

I don't know, this may seem mundane to some. But seeing Islanders logos on the side of a milk truck in NYC certainly provided an unusual start to my day.

Anyone have any knowledge of the nature of this partnership? I'd like to guess that the Islanders and Tuscan work together to promote healthy eating and drinking in the schools. Or maybe Tuscan simply supplies milk for the Coliseum (which wouldn't necessarily have much to do with the Islanders).

Can you tell that five days off between Game ONe and Game Two is too long? OK, let's get back to figuring out who sits in favor of Weight and Comeau on Thursday. Right now I'd have to lean toward Recker and Tamby. But Sim may also want to double-check the lineup.

Update 1: One spot cleared: Recker sent to Bridgeport

Update 2: Later on today I saw a guy wearing an Islanders hat at the same intersection where the Tuscan truck was parked. I've obviously discovered the nexus for Islanders presence in Manhattan. Feed the fever!


Dominik said...

Of course I was gonna love this post.

When the Mrs. and I were in Manhattan for the home opener weekend, I kept thinking, "maybe I'll inadvertently run into Ken, spotting my Islanders hat."

Not the most insightful comment you've ever received, but I always enjoy your spotting posts!

NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...


The New York Islanders were again present at the Tunnel to Towers event again this year with the logo at the starting gate.

Very much a New York City market team, despite how often they go with the Long Island angle.

NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...


Newsday's political reporter David Reich-Hale twittered that the Islanders are a major sponsor and that Chris Dey was there on his 9/29 entry.

Islanders Outsider said...

Stranger things have happened, Dom. But surely I would have let you know if I was going to be in the city and made arrangements to guarantee that I would spot you!

I hope you and your wife had a great weekend and of course you'll be back!

Dominik said...

It was -- great weekend all around. We walked our legs off around Manhattan and took our share of LIRR trips.

Hope the wedding was fun!