Monday, September 3, 2007

The End of the Summer

And so we have reached the unofficial end of the summer. Although my favorite weather generally occurs in spring and fall, I don't relish the transition from summer to fall. The end of winter signals three seasons of light and warmth to come. Labor Day sounds the alarm that those three seasons have been reduced to one, and it is the one that leads us back to cold days and long nights.

Growing up, Labor Day meant going to the U.S. Open and then back to school. In college, Labor Day had little significance because we were already back in school and didn't get the day off. These days the first Monday in September represents a return to normalcy in NYC. Starting tomorrow commutes will be longer and more crowded, mornings with light traffic will be the exception, and movies will be sold out before you even think of going. There's something to be said for summer in the city.

So I am left to fight the feeling of good things slipping away. How does one do that? Fortunately, there are countermeasures that may bring just the necessary thrill. If your rooting interests lie in the correct corner, October baseball may await you. If you are an angler, the next 2-3 months are your surfcasting playoffs. And the best thing about Labor Day? The opening of training camp for the New York Islanders is only 11 days away.

Soon we will be treated to daily updates from Moncton. The exhibition schedule commences September 17th. October 5th and a rematch with the Sabres is barely more than a month away. The days may grow shorter and colder, but a full season of Islanders hockey brings with it all of the hope and excitement necessary to warm the heart through a long winter.

And you know what else? While you're speculating on line combos and who will survive the last cut, don't forget that the unofficial end of summer is truly that. Summer doesn't end for another few weeks. September and October are beautiful months. Whether your preference is Montauk Point, Jones Beach, Cape May, or the local park, get out and enjoy the sunshine!

Note: If your musical tastes permit, End of the Summer is just one of several great albums by contemporary pop-folk artist Dar Williams.

Update: I just read that Chris Botta has sworn off including "culture things" in his NYI Point Blank blog, so maybe now that I've done that once, I'll try to do more of it here.

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