Thursday, November 29, 2007

11/29/07: Rangers 4, Islanders 2

First blogger to make a "post-Senators hangover" joke wins. Oh. Well, there you go. I didn't say it had to be a good joke.

With Boston leading Florida 3-1 in the third, it looks like the Isles will be dropping to 7th place. The Panthers were only two points back themselves, so that game was going to make things more uncomfortable regardless of the outcome. And if you look at the games played column, those valuable games in hand have just about run out for now.

Sean Bergenheim lost his spot in the lineup tonight. I'm fine with that decision. Bergenheim certainly isn't beyond getting the "sit down and then come back and show me something" treatment from Ted Nolan that other players have dealt with. To date, the young Finn's contributions to the team simply have not been enough. It was his turn.

That being said, something has to give with this defensive corps soon. The seven d-man lineup is not going to be a long-term solution, so the sooner a consistent roster hits the ice, the better. Teams can succeed with d-men rotating in and out of the starting lineup, especially if they're well coached and well informed about the way things are going to be. If that's the way Nolan wants to approach it, I wouldn't mind seeing it for a while. Aside from Witt and Martinek, I think you can make a case for every Islanders defensemen to take his turn in the press box from time to time. Maybe be careful with matchups where resting Sutton is concerned.

Anyway, all of this talk about defensemen is probably misplaced frustration with the forwards. You have to feel for DiPietro knowing that he can't give up more than two goals, and even that only gets him to overtime. The failure of the power play in the first period once again set the tone for a drab performance by the offense. At the end of the game, it was suggested on TV that the Islanders may be tired. The schedule has been a little rough lately, but unless your nickname is DP, fatigue before December is not acceptable.

The guys over at Hockey Night on Long Island have invited me to appear on their show this Saturday. However, a family celebration is my priority for that day, so I will not be able to make the appearance. I hope they will be able to accommodate me at a later date. I would look forward to following in the illustrious footsteps of my pioneering blogger colleagues Michael Schuerlein and Tom Liodice, who have already made successful debuts on the show. Thanks to Alex and Steve for their interest in bringing Islanders Outsider aboard!


Michael said...


I couldn't do the show the first time they asked either. You'll do fine and you will have a blast.

Can't wait for the show!


murph said...

I think I win, I made the Senators-Hangover joke yesterday morning, even before the Isles/Rags game.

Outsider said...

Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. Stay tuned!

Let me just check the rules...hmmm...making the joke before the game is actually played. Nope, nothing here. Murph wins!