Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Comeau In, Tambellini Out the Back Door?

I've been thinking about the recall of Blake Comeau and what it could mean to the team. At this point, Comeau has more of a chance to provide the Islanders with a spark than another recall of Jeff Tambellini would. Comeau, his brief stint with the big club last year notwithstanding, is a fresh face who will be looked at as an energy guy. I don't know what the members of the team think of Tambellini or what their true expectations of him are, but bringing him in as a solution to the goal drought hasn't worked so far. Trying something different with that roster spot this time was a smart move, especially because no one is looking for Comeau to go on an offensive tear. Sometimes a little chemistry tweak goes a long way.

I was very happy to see Tambellini post a hat trick for the Sound Tigers on Sunday. As I've said previously, I think that a sustained period of success or dominance at a lower level can be a key ingredient to a player's development and future success at the next level. Tom Liodice's scoop (he's on a roll) about Tambellini not speaking to the media after the hat trick performance is definitely intriguing and bears watching. Of course, the explanation could be as simple as Tamby being in a rush to take care of some practical matters after spending a couple of weeks away with the big club. But it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility that he was upset at being passed over for promotion and didn't feel like talking. To give him more credit, maybe he knew it was best not to comment.

If you haven't already been directed to Mike Carey's excellent Q&A with Newsday beat writer Greg Logan, click away.

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