Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Slap Shot: The Sequel

Yeah, I know, the other Slap Shot sequel didn't work out so well. Just a quick update to yesterday's post while the Isles try to keep their heads above water (Park just scored at even strength to cut Buffalo's lead to 4-2 with 3:15 left in the second). Anyway, Slap Shot is sporting a new subtitle. Gone is "Rangers, Islanders, Devils and News From the NHL." In its place is "News From the World of Hockey."

It may be a minor thing, but it makes a difference to this reader. When I first found Slap Shot, I expected thorough coverage of the local hockey teams. When I didn't get any coverage of a certain local hockey team, I developed a quick distaste for
the blog. But something has happened over the last week. I've started to enjoy the slice-of-hockey-world approach found on the digital pages of Slap Shot. It really is an interesting cross section of hockey news. And now that my expectations have been recalibrated, I can enjoy it more without being disappointed.

Just don't take this as my blessing to resume ignoring the Isles completely.


NYIsles1/IslesTigers said...

Rangers is still there only Islanders was removed. Lynn Zisner did a blog at 1am and traveled to Washington.

The Post even employed a second writer to cover a Devils writer to cover their off-day practice where Asham and Sutter got into it.

Zipay had about four blogs yesterday, Logan one.

Things cannot get much worse.

Outsider said...

The "About Slap Shot" text to the right of the blog always mentioned only the Rangers specifically. It's the subtitle under the main Slap Shot header above the blog itself that changed. Regardless, if they did receive complaints, the solution was not to pump up the Isles coverage but to take away the expectation of it.