Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Garth Snow Sets a New Course with Scott Gordon Behind the Bench

Last Year's AHL Coach of the Year Named Head Coach of the Islanders

Anointing Scott Gordon "The People's Choice" in the previous post was not the result of a scientific survey but a logical conclusion based on digesting hundreds of message board and blog posts. Ladies and gentlemen, we have harmony.

At least, it seems, that by choosing Gordon to lead the Islanders, the front office has acted in concert with the wishes of the majority of fans. (I know, not everyone is thrilled.)

And, if the early returns are to be believed, many of those in the fan base who preferred Bob Hartley or Paul Maurice admit that Gordon is a reasonable choice and deserves the opportunity to prove himself.

Personally, I am very pleased with the decision. I buy into the idea of bringing in someone with a fresh perspective on the NHL. Gordon has paid his dues as a hockey coach. He is not, at the age of 45 and with 12 seasons of coaching experience in the professional ranks, wet behind the ears. All NHL coaches have to break into the league sometime.

As I said previously, at this point Gordon has all the potential in the world. He is in a position to create something rather than live up to something. And based on his reputation and Garth Snow's comments, he is poised to harness the team's current strengths and give the Islanders their best chance to win with what they have now and in the future.

My only advice to those who would have preferred someone else is this: We may all have to start thinking like goalies for a while.


Dominik said...

But goalies are crazy!

Seriously, I'm on board. This actually makes me feel better than any of the other candidates.

Btw, I'm back online on Blogger now:
http://islanderfrontier.blogspot.com/. It is probably a temporary "bridge" destination, but I couldn't handle going "dark" any longer, so that's where my posts are at the moment.

Islanders Outsider said...

Glad to see you back in the game so quickly!

7th Woman said...

We have no choice but to be on board with the decision. Garth will either prove he is a genius... or not.

As long as the NY media doesn't rip this man to shreds. He is definitely not used to it.