Thursday, November 13, 2008

More on the Pre-Game Show [Updated]

[Update: See text of release from Islanders below.]

As I said in the previous post, I'm curious about the driving forces behind the Islanders finally getting a pre-game show after Cablevision didn't seem to think it was at all necessary entering the season.

The day after Neil Best broke the news about the pre-game, a headline about the show from the Islanders Web site appeared in my news reader. However, that article on the official site disappeared before I ever had a chance to read it (it's not even in the news archive, but the header in my news reader is still there). I know the article existed because I saw it quoted on other blogs.

So I've been trying to find out whether the tipping point was intense lobbying by the Islanders, an agreement that the Islanders would produce the show (a la Islanders Illustrated), Cablevision simply deciding it was the right thing to do, fan/media outcry, or something else.

I'm now told that the Islanders will be issuing a release shortly that should address these issues and, I hope, satisfy my curiosity.

And, to clarify, I'm not suggesting any sort of conspiracy on the part of the Islanders with the disappearing article. Perhaps it was simply released prematurely and they knew they would have more to say. Stay tuned!

Looking forward to watching the Bailey/Okposo combo tonight...


Uniondale, NY, November 14, 2008 -- The New York Islanders and the MSG Plus Network announced that beginning tomorrow, there will be a pre-game television show prior to the start of every Islanders game.

The pre-game show will feature C.J. Papa, Stan Fischler, Howie Rose and Billy Jaffe, and will run for 30-minutes prior to the start of each game.

“After meeting with Chris Dey, MSG Plus and the Islanders both agreed that a pre-game show would certainly benefit Islanders fans,” said Michael Bair, President of MSG Media. “We have a terrific and longstanding relationship with the team, and we’re happy to add the pre-game show to our slate of Islanders programming on the network.”

“We are delighted that MSG Plus will provide the platform for our fans to learn more about the Islanders on and off the ice,” said Chris Dey, New York Islanders President. “The pre-game show allows us to continue to broaden our reach while providing entertaining content for our fans. This is a show that our fans truly deserve.”

Each pre-game show will include in-depth feature stories, interviews and analysis leading up to game-time.

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