Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Playing with an Illegal Curve

I have a short piece posted today on IllegalCurve.com. It's part of the first edition of their new weekly State of the Division feature, in which team bloggers provide an overview of where the teams they cover stand at designated points in the season. Anyone want to go on record saying the Islanders won't be listed fifth next time?

I regret not including mention of the Isles' eighth-ranked penalty killing or their league-leading 305 blocked shots (204 in 11 home games, 101 in 7 road games). But the piece was starting to feel a little bloated—there's a lot to say about this team right now.

Anyway, thanks to Illegal Curve for inviting me to participate. Check out their comprehensive roundup of NHL action and stories.


Dominik said...

Nice synopsis, Ken!

I'd say you hit it on the head. I'm intrigued by how things might look after this weekend.

Islanders Outsider said...

Thanks, Dom. I hope they don't make me look silly!