Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gordon Calls MacDonald's Number—What Would You Have Done?

I suppose I can allow for the idea that if the remainder of this season is to be about seeing what you have, then there's no reason to stick with axioms like riding the hot goalie.

Scott Gordon faces few consequences for the decisions he makes the rest of the way. If his feeling was that it's time to get Joey MacDonald back in the action, I can accept that reasoning. Gordon will obviously be using MacDonald the rest of the way, so why not start now?

Yet, I can't completely convince myself that the coach made the correct decision tonight. If it were me, and I say this without the benefit of having a dynamic with either player, I would have sent Yann Danis out there again. Let him complete his run, as far as it goes.

I say this halfway through the first period with the Islanders trailing Florida 1-0. MacDonald may stone them the rest of the way. Again, it doesn't really matter. The Islanders are not in desperate need of a win—or a loss, if that's what you're looking for.

But sometimes you just have to go with a feeling. Tonight, mine would have been to go with Danis.


Dominik said...

Amen. Not a huge deal; but not expected either, save for the strange dynamic Gordon has handling Danis.

7th Woman said...

How many times have we heard, you ride the hot hand. many!