Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Post-Game Extra

With another two days to go before the Isles take the ice again in Pittsburgh, we have the opportunity to leisurely bathe ourselves in the glory of Saturday night's 4-0 win over the Devils. To that end, here are some closing thoughts...

  • First of all, this game was a joy to watch. The Isles were good, almost from top to bottom. This was not a case of the Devils not showing up or having an off night. They were simply beaten, soundly, in all three zones nearly all night long.

  • The Devils had their opportunities, but Yann Danis wasn't having any of it. He was that half step quick enough and in position for every threat. You could say that Danis is also in position to put to rest the question of who should be the Isles' backup next season. But, if he keeps playing like this, he may think about shooting a little higher than NHL backup. Perhaps Yann should keep one eye on what teams are thin in goal and the other on Rick DiPietro's recovery. Danis, by the way, is from Lafontaine, Quebec. That either makes me think he's destined to be an Islander or he's destined to replace the injured Ryan Miller in Buffalo.

  • Funny story about Danis: After the game, he was given a puck in the locker room that was labeled "1st NHL Shutout." He quickly protested (with a smile) that it was not his first NHL shutout, but his first Islanders shutout. Indeed, Danis shut out the Thrashers 2-0 in his October 2005 NHL debut with Montreal.

  • Chris Botta pulled this quote from Sean Bergenheim after another good effort by the young Finn:
    “I want to make it work here, on Long Island, with the Islanders,” Bergenheim told us after tonight’s 4-0 win over New Jersey. “I really like to live on Long Island and I want to stay here. I consider this my home now. The Islanders drafted me into the NHL and I have never forgotten that and never will. It’s important to me that my NHL career takes the next step as an Islander.”
    When I spoke of disappointment in Chris Campoli wanting to leave, it was because I'd really like to see more players have Bergenheim's attitude. Like Campoli, Bergenheim's quest to establish himself has been a bumpy ride. But Bergenheim still wants to be part of the solution rather than look for where the ice might be greener. I understand that Campoli may believe that his career couldn't take the next step as an Islander. But it's still refreshing to hear that a player even has some loyalty to the organization that drafted him, let alone hear him express that loyalty.

  • At the risk of going overboard with the Okposo accolades, he has now reached the point where I look for him to do something special every time he's on the ice. Remember the days when you just couldn't wait for Bossy's next shift? Or Pierre's? Or Ziggy's? It's nice to have that feeling again.

  • Finally, here's a message from Katrina Doell, blog administrator of The Light Post, about tomorrow's Town of Hempstead public meeting:
    There are few times throughout the process of getting the Lighthouse done that the thousands of supporters who have written letters, called our office, or met with us directly can publicly show their support. Tomorrow, Tuesday, February 24, is one of those times.

    At the Town of Hempstead public meeting at 10:30 a.m. at the Bennett Pavillion at Town Hall, the Town Board will vote to adopt a scope of studies for the project. The Lighthouse Development Group has conducted these studies and they can be submitted as soon as possible after the scope is adopted.

    This is a step forward. This is a step toward bringing the tax revenues, jobs, careers, and countless opportunities Long Island needs right to your backyard.

    I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow.


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