Thursday, October 18, 2007

Back on the Ice: Isles at Caps

Saturday to Thursday is a long time to wait for the next game to come. I can't imagine what going Saturday to Saturday is going to be like next week. Not nearly as bad as the lockout, I suppose.

If you're curious about what the opponents' fans are saying, hop on over to Japers' Rink for their gameday post about tonight's Isles-Caps matchup. The kind folks over there invited Islanders bloggers to contribute quips, predictions, or analysis targeted at why the Islanders will win tonight's game. It's a fun way to bring two groups of fans together and I thank Japers' Rink for reaching out.

It's been nice to hear frequent Islanders ads on WFAN and 1050 ESPN Radio over the last few weeks. If most of the New York media aren't going to remind the local public that the team exists, at least the marketing department is putting forth a nice effort. Have you paid a visit to the Web sites of the New York dailies recently? Here's the page title for the Sports home page at The Daily News:

New York Sports - Yankees - Mets - Knicks - Nets - Giants - Jets - Rangers-NY Daily News

Thanks. Thanks for the mention. Over at the New York Post, the most recent Islanders article is an Associated Press account of last Saturday's loss to the Flyers. Now, I know that moving Bill Guerin off the top line isn't the stuff that Pulitzers are made of, but a little class participation never hurt anybody (I'm sure someone out there will dispute that). I know what the answer from the Post would be: "The Islanders home page on has only received 77 hits in the last five days. It just doesn't pay to cover them." And that is why we have the Blog Box.

Were you wondering what was behind the interest of two professors from East Stroudsburg University in the Blog Box? Considering I somehow never met them at the home opener, I was too. In retrospect, I think I may have seen one of them at one point, but at the time it just looked like a random person stopping by the box to say hello. I've been mostly in the dark about this particular project. Here, then, is a short piece that sheds a little light on their study.

Enjoy the game. Watch out for Bengt Gustafsson. That guy can dish.


Dominik said...

I think your preview comment (Jagr/Yashin) at Japers' Rink took the cake.

Man, Bengt G. was a beast last night :)

Outsider said...

Thanks, Dominik. If they're giving away cake, I'd be happy to take it :)