Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Two-Minute Minors

Just a few notes to keep you busy...

  • Greg Logan reports in Newsday that Shawn Bates may return to the lineup as soon as Thursday.
  • Head on over to Voice of the Islander Fans to read FCT4NYI's entertaining "5 Things That Bug Me" posts. I had the pleasure of standing next to FCT in the Blog Box last week. He really knows his hockey.
  • Sports Business Journal has published Tripp Mickle's article on the opening night of the Blog Box.

1 comment:

Dominik said...

Nice round-up (definitely kept me "busy" not doing work!).

That Sports Biz story is a good piece. I just think the club is going about the Blog Box the right way: experimenting and saying up front that this is a way to engage fans as well as explore this new medium of "the Fourth Estate."

The other major sports can afford to abuse their fans (to some extent) and still count on the media momentum and dollars rolling them forward. The NHL, however, would do well to recognize their customers as part fan cult, part critic, and part PR asset.