Friday, February 29, 2008

Core of the Four Resolved?

I think I finally have this discrepancy in the Core of the Four roster figured out. In the comments to the previous post, Joyce relayed Howie Rose's statement that there are 16 players and Al Arbour is the 17th member of the Core. That would be a suitable explanation from Howie if not for the fact that the list of players published by the Islanders includes 17 names. Let's look at that list one more time:

  1. Mike Bossy
  2. Bob Bourne
  3. Clark Gillies
  4. Butch Goring
  5. Lorne Henning
  6. Anders Kallur
  7. Gord Lane
  8. Dave Langevin
  9. Wayne Merrick
  10. Ken Morrow
  11. Bob Nystrom
  12. Stefan Persson
  13. Denis Potvin
  14. Billy Smith
  15. Duane Sutter
  16. John Tonelli
  17. Bryan Trottier
The confusion must come from the fact that one name on that list was with the team for all four cups, but was only a player for two of them. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Lorne Henning, who stepped behind the bench as an assistant to Al Arbour starting with the 1981-82 season. Two cups as a player, two cups as a coach.

Again, the point of this was never to catch anyone in a mistake. Mostly, I just wanted to get the facts correct when I posted about it, and hearing the number flip-flop between 16 and 17 was unnerving. Perhaps I also erred in my interpretation of the list. It starts off with Bill Torrey and Al Arbour, so I assumed the remainder of the list to be players. In fact, it may have started off with just Bill Torrey, and then listed everyone else in alphabetical order, including Arbour and Henning.

And while we're tidying up, nice job by Greg Logan using his blog to clarify Ted Nolan's comments about Rick DiPietro's condition. It's one of the benefits of new media that situations like that can be set straight so quickly and easily. Thanks to NYIsles1 for getting the story of DiPietro's loss into the comments here so quickly, and best wishes to the DiPietro family...

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