Monday, February 25, 2008

Full Steam Ahead (Ren McCormack Is a Good Hockey Name)

It's Monday night and the player-movement train has already started to pick up steam. Peter Forsberg has returned to the Avs. Vaclav Prospal has been sent back to the Flyers. Dan Boyle is signed in Tampa. I can't tell you how disappointed I am that the train will essentially be leaving me behind at the station.

For a hockey fan, the trade deadline brings about one of the most exciting days in all of sports. I put it on par with Opening Day in baseball, Opening Night in hockey, and any playoff game. The difference with those days, however, is that other than the game results, you know what's going to happen: games will be played. Anything could happen at the trade deadline. Even if you're 99% sure a player is going to be traded, the destination and return package remains mostly a mystery until the trade is announced. And then there are the shockers.

Unfortunately, trade deadlines, including the NHL's, usually occur in the middle of the day. On this occasion, this particular blogger is unable to set aside his actual job. I will be hard-pressed to even follow the action as it happens, let alone participate in it. As much as I would love to be joining my colleagues in the Blog Box tomorrow at the Coliseum, it's just not possible.

So, to paraphrase the Reverend Shaw Moore: "I'm told that the charter class of Islanders bloggers has got use of the Blog Box in the Coliseum for the purpose of covering the trade deadline. Please...join me to pray to the hockey gods to guide them in their endeavors."

Let's dance!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have fun, guys and gal!

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