Friday, February 8, 2008

Notes from a Losing Streak

What follows are my notes from tonight's game, a 4-3 loss to the Penguins. In some places they will read like a live blog, in others like preparation for a recap/analysis.

First Period

  • Colliton off to a good start with a big hit on the forecheck.
  • Fedotenko follows with a big hit of his own.
  • Witt stands up Gonchar.
  • Hilbert takes advantage of Conklin misplay and feeds Comrie for an empty-net tap-in.
  • Islander players have been taken down twice on plays that I have to think would be penalties if they had happened the other way.
  • Of course, as soon as an Islander gets his stick in someone’s way, it’s a penalty.
  • Vasicek with Hunter up front on the kill. DiPietro is rewarded for robbing Malone by having the PK unit caught flat-footed. 1-1
  • Comrie gets involved in his second fight in a couple of weeks.
  • The Islanders are throwing the puck out in front of the net and there’s actually someone there to try to convert it.
  • Colliton tried to set the tone early for the Isles, and he did for a while until the Penguins reset it with a PP goal.
  • Not a bad road period.
Second Period
  • The intensity just doesn’t look like it’s enough, especially on the power play.
  • And then Hunter finds Fedotenko on the power play. Hunter has looked sharper this game, looking to shoot more and getting some pucks on the net. This was a good look to Fedotenko who did a good job finishing. 2-2
  • The Islanders always seem to be just a bit too slow or a bit too far out of position to take advantage of a fortuitous bounce around the net.
  • At least the shots are getting through tonight.
  • FSN picture is lousy again tonight. This time it’s grainy. Last time the color was dull and the contrast was bad.
  • Whitney scores on the PP, wasn’t much of a shot but DiPietro was probably screened. 3-2
  • Islanders have no chance if this parade to the box continues. Second in a row for Sutton.
  • PP for Isles with just under three minutes left gives them a chance to turn this from a poor period into a wash.
  • The Nielsen line hasn’t done much to distinguish itself.
Third Period
  • Best game Hunter has played in a long time.
  • Comrie’s near-impossible angle goal is giving legitimacy to Nolan’s preference to stick with his veterans. All of tonight’s goals so far have come from two of the oft-criticized, slumping forwards that the Islanders must get more production from. Meanwhile, the kids haven’t provided much of a spark, save for Colliton’s hitting.
  • And the power play has scored twice. Almost hard to believe.
  • Two power play assists from Freddy Meyer are making me look silly for saying just two days ago that the power play wasn’t going anywhere with him at the point.
  • Would the Islanders gladly trade the Crosby injury for one to Malone or Whitney?
  • Apparently Letang and Comrie are playing HORSE and Letang just matched Comrie’s sharp-angle deposit. 4-3 Pens
  • Amazing that they could win the faceoff in the key 6-on-5 situation and not get control of the puck.
  • Apparently it had been too long since the Islanders were the victim of a quick whistle that nullified a goal in the final seconds.
  • I don’t know if this was really the most painful of the six straight losses, but it was certainly the one they had the best chance to win.


islesblogger said...

I thought it was the most painful, I couldn't even muster the energy to make a post last night because I was too disappointed. Sometimes you just need a break to cool down I guess.

I thought Hunter played exceptional - Fedotenko finally pots one (what was it 23 games?).

Comrie had a super Howe hat trick! (2 goals and a fight instead of goal, assist and fight)

Once again a fortuitous bounce for the opposition costs the Islanders the game in the final few minutes.

Better effort, same result however.

Ken said...

I had originally intended to write a more traditional recap, but I too was deflated enough (and short enough on time) that the notes became a reasonable alternative.